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Biodiversity Depends on Insects – Pecks Invest in Knowledge

Biodiversity is in crisis. Responsible management of the crisis begins with baseline knowledge of what species are, where they are found, and how they interconnect in ecosystems—all species matter and insects are key! Entomological collections and studies using them are the foundation to expand the knowledge we urgently require. Which is why the life long work of Drs. Stewart and Jarmila Peck gives us hope—now manifested in their globally important entomology donation to the Canadian Museum of Nature, and their gift to fund a visiting scientist program through the Nature Foundation. Find out more in this captivating video about their work and its impact.  


The Foundation includes the following Board Directors:

Warren Bell, Southampton, ON - Board Chair
Rob Crosbie, C.M., St. John’s, NL - Past Chair
Shilpa Tiwari, Toronto, ON - Chair, Governance Committee
Glenn Ives, Vancouver, BC - Chair, Finance Committee
Don Bubar, Toronto, ON
Matt Creager, Halifax, NS
Mark Dockstator, Oakville, ON
Sean Finn, Montreal, QC
Alexandria Marcotte, Toronto, ON
Joy Romero, Calgary, AB
Robyn Seetal, Calgary, AB
Hon. Monte Solberg, P.C., Calgary, AB
Michelle Valberg, Ottawa, ON 

About the Nature Foundation

The Nature Foundation is an independent charitable entity supporting the Canadian Museum of Nature by inspiring philanthropic investments in nature for discovery, research and education to foster solutions for our future. The Foundation and its supporters advance fact-based science through vital funding that empowers the museum’s research, collections, and educational initiatives. Investments through the Foundation enable the museum to undertake globally relevant fieldwork for new discoveries, conduct research that informs the climate and biodiversity crises, grow and share the knowledge associated with its collections, train the next generation of collections-based researchers, and advance dynamic educational programming that supports science literacy and a love of nature. The Foundation’s Board is comprised of business leaders and changemakers from across Canada who share a commitment to inspiring investments in nature and a desire to support a sustainable future.  
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