The Hon. Monte Solberg

Calgary, Alberta

The Hon. Monte Solberg

The Hon. Monte Solberg


Raised in Drumheller, Alberta and Rosetown, Saskatchewan, Monte was the General Manager of CHUM Radio Alberta prior to political life. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking in the Alberta badlands near Drumheller.

The Honorable Monte Solberg, P.C., was the Member of Parliament (Medicine Hat) from 1993-2008, and served as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and as Minister of Human Resources and Social Development.  

As a Minister, he focused his efforts on helping Canadians become more self-reliant. As Immigration Minister, he worked to help newcomers learn new skills, enter the job market, and embrace Canadian values.  As Human Resources Minister, he worked to help students, persons with disabilities, aboriginal people, and older workers, and acquire employment skills. He oversaw reforms in Employment Insurance, Post-Secondary Education Funding, and Aboriginal Housing.  

Monte is the former Chair with the International Development Research Centre. Since 2008 he has provided communications, government relations and public affairs advice to some of Canada’s largest companies and organizations.