Matt Creager

Hailfax, Nova Scotia

Matt Creager

Matt Creager

Co-Founder PlanGraph.io

Matthew Creager is a co-founder and the VP of Product and Growth at PlanGraph, the pricing, and packaging automation platform.

Before starting PlanGraph, Matt led the developer relations team at Heroku. Acquired by Salesforce in 2013, Heroku is a developer-first Platform-as-a-Service used by companies like Charity Water, Citrix, Toyota, and Macy’s to build world-class desktop, mobile, and web applications.

An advocate and educator in real-time data streaming, processing, and analysis, Matt’s early work focused on making it easy for developers to build the type of real-time talk, video, and chat features we have come to expect in modern software.

Matt wants to change the way developers work because when we improve the tools we use to build the future, we accelerate towards it.

He grounds his pursuit of the perfect DX in the natural beauty of his home in Halifax, where he’s hiding from COVID.