Invest in nature. Save our planet.

Your gift will fund bold projects that lead change, strengthen our collective understanding, and contribute to a sustainable future.

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The Canadian Museum of Nature Foundation inspires Canadians to invest in nature

Imagine the world you hope to pass on to future generations.

Saving the world for future generations with evidence, knowledge and inspiration.

Inspiring investments in nature for discovery, research, and education to foster solutions for our future. Our planet and all its living creatures face urgent threats, yet only a tiny fraction of philanthropy currently supports nature.

The Foundation inspires investments in nature. Focused on transformational philanthropy, we are the charitable arm of the Canadian Museum of Nature, keeper of Canada’s natural record and a trusted national institution with notable research expertise in species discovery and change, and Arctic knowledge and exploration.


Investing in a sustainable future for our planet

You can make a difference for our planet, and our future.

If you care about nature.

Believe in the power of science and education.

Want your gift to have global impact.

save the world

Fund bold projects that lead change, strengthen our collective understanding of the natural world, and contribute to a sustainable future for our planet.

I'm always reminded that less than one percent of philanthropy goes to nature and the environment.
— Ross Beaty

Why invest?

The Canadian Museum of Nature is a recognized and an authoritative voice, whose basis in science informs a fact-based understanding of the natural world.

  • Makes discoveries, shapes science, evolves our understanding of time, the diversity of life on earth, and the universe itself
  • Collects data that informs our understanding of climate change and its impact on biodiversity
  • Researchers study the early warning signs of deteriorating ecosystems especially in the high Arctic
Our Work

Centre for Arctic Knowledge and Exploration

Arctic changes are the most significant natural history events of our lifetime. They are not just Canadian challenges— they are global challenges. The Arctic is warming at twice the global rate. With this warming causing sea ice to melt, global weather patterns are being affected and Arctic biodiversity in marine and terrestrial environments is being impacted significantly.

Over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities (in Canada it is over 80%), therefore understanding one's connection to nature is limited.

Addressing  this disconnect is critical, especially for children and  youth, since they are the next generations responsible for stewardship of this planet.

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